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About Us

 A true grass roots effort to put the beautiful and priceless statue of Robert E Lee and Young Soldier, created by renowned sculptor Alexander Phimister Proctor and presented to the citizens of Dallas by The Dallas Southern Memorial Association, back on the pedestal it was removed from at Lee Park in Dallas, Texas.  Our goal is to have it returned to the place it was removed from on September 14, 2017. Our plan is to use every legal means available.  The statue was hastily taken as if by a gang of thieves from the citizens of Dallas in the dark of the coming night after a rogue city council ordered its removal under the guise of a still unproven and unsubstantiated emergency only to have the members of the council state just one week later that they did not know what they were voting for. Help us undo the damage they caused. Help us return the statue of Lee back to the place it was made for. Help us return Lee to Lee Park.   UPDATE: We have petitioned the court to inspect the statue of Lee for damages we feel were caused during its removal.  We need funds to continue this fight. Please donate! Thank You!